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Dearest buddy during DPA

Posted on: May 27, 2008

I just called Kak Diana, my best buddy during DPA. Dah lama I plan to call her but always tak jadi so sempat la borak-borak sket tadi. Miss her so much la. She’s like a sister that I never had. Got to plan a day out with her and her daughter la. Her daughter, Ilya and Elis, even though tak pernah jumpa and I don’t even know how they look like (coz Kak Diana did not keep the photos, takut nanti rindu) tapi macam dah kenal and rindu nak dengar cerita diorang lagi. Most of the time during DPA, Kak Diana sentiasa bercerita about her 2 lovely daughters, biasa la when you become a mother, family is everything (Kak Diana rindu la tu kat anak-anak dia). Hehehe… Kak Diana ni kind of a mentor to me. She’s 35 but I think she’s much better than me in physical activities. And she’s the one I look up for a soothing advice or just to talk to, whenever I feel down, stressful, sad, rejected, bla bla bla…. Thanks Kak Diana for always being there when I most need it.

I can still remember the 1st time I talk to her. We were attending PTD Unggul, at IKWAS at that time. It was quite late at night, tired after a hectic day and waiting for our turn to be measured for our lounge suit. 1st time talking dah macam kenal lama. At the end of Unggul, she was posted to MITI and me to KKLW. We never contacted each other after that. Then during our 6 month DPA course, we were in the same group, Sidang A. We were roomies during OBS, Bomba and Tentera. As time goes by, we become more close to each other. I learn a lot from her. Besides admiring her for her education background (mind you, she did Law, at UK ok), her language (her English, wah sangat bagus), her personality, I admire the way she choose to lead her life. She’s so simple. If I were her, I don’t think I can do things the way she did. Even her love life pun amazing. In fact, itulah yang paling I admire about her pun. If you look at her background, she can actually choose many other great guys but in the end, it was Mr. Nobody (yet adorable to her la of course) who won her heart. Wah sangat kagum. I can talk forever about her so better end it before I bored you guys. Hehehe….

We took a lot of photos together. These are some of it….

Kak Diana, wearing red hat, she’s a sweeper for our watch mind you.

Kak Diana getting ready for oil spill exercise. Hebat ni, jangan main-main

During river crossing. Kak Diana boleh!

An evening in Akademi Bomba Kuala Kubu Bharu… siap cycling lagi tau….

During a visit to Balai Bomba somewhere in Shah Alam

Just before Mess Nite at Akademi Bomba

My roomies kat Akademi Bomba… Kak Diana, Kak Ina, Me and Syida

Atas double deck, on the way back from PICC to INTAN

During PPTD Dinner with YMM Agong, PM & KSN at KL Convention Center; both of us memang simple, I like!

During Synthesis Week… the end of DPA

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aku baru baca blog ko…
eh beb…bukan ke kita unggul kat ikwas??hehehehehe

rindu aku tak????

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